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Dolphin Pool Robot Pool Cleaners

Dolphin Triton

Dolphin Triton

This powerful pool cleaner is loaded with features. Featuring state-of-the art scanning technology to clean you pool including the water line and patented cleaning technology, the Dolphin Triton is an easy choice at an affordable price. It scrubs, vacuums, and filters your pool water while it cleans in just 3 hours. The convenient cartridge filter is easy to clean and has a spring clean-up option. The Triton cleans the floor, cove, and walls. Package includes pool cleaner, power supply, caddy, optional remote sold separately.



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2-Year Full Warranty

An advanced robotic cleaner with exceptional features at an affordable price. A no-nonsense warranty that protects your pool cleaning investment. The Dolphin Triton delivers with a 2 year guaranteed warranty. And unlike many Dolphin pool cleaners the Triton warranty is valid for online purchases. The warranty is applicable only to the country in which the pool cleaner was purchased.

clever clean
CleverClean Scanning

The CleverClean unique scanning system guarantees complete pool coverage of any type of pool including shaped pools and pools with obstacles.

water line
Floor, Cove & Walls

Brushes, scrubs, vacuums, and filters the pool floor, cove and walls. Precise wall cleaning removes oily layers build up.

DIY Easy Maintenance

Minimize downtime. Ground-breaking modular design means each of the modular components can be easily replaced in just minutes by you or your dealer.

cable swivel
Cable Swivel

Comes with a unique swivel device that prevents the cable from creasing or tangling so you can enjoy a constantly clean pool with little effort.

thorough brushing
Thorough Brushing

Effective brushing and scrubbing system minimizes bacteria and algae development and ensures hygienic, clean and healthy pool water.

dolphin triton pool cleaner caddy
Triton Pool Cleaner Caddy

Included with your Dolphin Triton this two-wheeled caddy is ideal for transporting your Dolphin Pool Cleaner to and from storage, or carting it around the pool.

Power Supply

Small, lightweight power supply employs simple and integrated circuitry to achieve high performance, low voltage, & low energy consumption.

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